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An employment agent says factories in Shanghai continue to refuse to hire recovered workers even after the city announced strict anti-discrimination rules for fear of a mass outbreak or health inspections. – EPA pic, August 14, 2022.

WHEN Zou tested positive for Covid-19 while working as a cleaner in one of Shanghai’s largest quarantine centres, she hoped it wouldn’t be long before she could pick up the mop and start earning again.




But four months on, she is still fighting to get her job back – one of scores of recovering Covid patients facing what labour rights activists and health experts say is a widespread form of discrimination in zero-Covid China. 

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皇冠足球投注平台(预缴房租后过世 房东「清空一切遗物」转租 死者父母气炸
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    Last week, Montes said Brazilian corn shipments to China could be expedited after a re-discussion of an agreement that initially established only Brazil’s 2023 corn crop would be exported.跟期待的一样